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How to dump remote database on local machine — June 15, 2013

How to dump remote database on local machine

It’s easy very easy. Just look:

mysqldump -u root -p1234 -h remotehost database > backup.sql

File backup.sql will save on your computer in home direcory.Next step: how to import this database on your local machine?

Quiet simple: mysql -u localuser -p localpass -h localhost database < backup.sql

Chrome extensions — June 12, 2013

Chrome extensions

This line of code will help you to debug your extensions:




Creating Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu using Apache (Step by Step Instruction) — April 1, 2013

Creating Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu using Apache (Step by Step Instruction)

Here some instruction how to configure virtual host on your Linux system.

  1. First you have to create a folder where your site will be. I found very useful this directory: /var/www/
  2. Then you have to go cd /etc/apache2/sites-available .
  3. Create new file in this directory:  sudo gedit your_site.conf , where gedit is default edit tool, so you can write yours.
  4. Write below in your .conf file and save it. is my website’s name you have to choose yours.

  5. <VirtualHost *:80>

        ServerName jquery
        DocumentRoot /var/www/


  6. After just type:  sudo a2ensite your_site.conf
  7. And add your site to hosts: sudo gedit /etc/hosts

  9. After restart apache server: sudo service apache2 restart
  10. That’s it! Just type in your browser address of your newly created website.
Select JQUERY — February 5, 2013


I found a great solution for making select form more dynamic, when you want to select some items without special button. Only what you have to do it just bind it with ‘change’ event, that listen select form and trigererd every time to change option. Thank’s for jQuery for that!
This my piece of code: 

$(‘#selectForm’).on(‘change’, function(){/*some action that you want to do when user select option*/}

Press Enter key to submit or How to add key event in jQuery — January 2, 2013

Press Enter key to submit or How to add key event in jQuery

Enter keyActually, I didn’t think about such features like key events, but now when I have my own website, its topic is very interesting for me.

Today I implemented “Enter” key for submitting a new word at

It really great, if you’re translating a lot of words and you need do it quick.

So, here a example:



$(‘#inputText’).on(‘keyup’, function(event){

if(keyCode == 13){ //thirteen is code of Enter key

// submitFunction or other code}


JavaScript: The Good Parts — November 20, 2012

JavaScript: The Good Parts

When I saw this video first time, I change my mind about JavaScript as programming language and I recommend everyone to look at it! We can create good things just using everything that can help us to come to our goal – developing web-applications, in this case JavaScript can become a good friend and partner.

Photoshop — September 26, 2012


Becomes some moment that you need to use photoshop and of course you have no money to buy it.

There is some solution that help to use Photoshop for free.

There sites that you need to write in your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Just add it to the end and Photoshop won’t update and send information about lisence to server and you will freely use it with no fear to be banned.

What about keys? Just look at Google and type: key Photoshop CS5

Hello world! — September 16, 2012

Hello world!

Hi, folks! This is my first post on! I want say hello to everyone who read this post. And I’d like to share my plans – I want to write some interesting things about everything related on me and web-developing. It would be dificult because English is not my first language, but I like it, and I want to become closer to English speaking community.

So, on future: I am sorry for my mistakes and want to ask don’t judge me. Let’s get started!

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