To install Komodo on Linux:

  1. Download the Komodo installer (.tar.gz file) into a convenient directory.
  2. Unpack the tarball:
    tar -xvzf Komodo-<version>-<platform>.tar.gz
  3. Change to the new directory:
    cd Komodo-<version>-<platform>
  4. Run the install script (“”):
  5. Answer the installer prompts:
    • Specify where you want Komodo installed, or press ‘Enter’ to accept the default location (/home/<username>/Komodo-<IDE|Edit>-x.y).The -I option can be used to specify the install directory. For example:
      ./ -I ~/opt/Komodo-IDE-7

      If multiple users are sharing the system and will be using the same installation, install Komodo in a location every user can access (e.g. /opt/Komodo-x.x/ or /usr/local/Komodo-x.x/).


      • Each Komodo user requires their own license key.
      • Do not install Komodo in a path that contains spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.
      • Be sure to install Komodo into its own directory (i.e. not directly in an existing directory containing shared files and directories such as /usr/local).
  6. Once the installer has finished, add Komodo to your PATH with one of the following:
    • Add Komodo/bin to your PATH directly:
      export PATH=<installdir>/bin:$PATH
    • Add a symlink to Komodo/bin/komodo from another directory in your PATH:
      ln -s <installdir>/bin/komodo /usr/local/bin/komodo

      Note: Creating symlinks in system directories such as /usr/bin requires root access.

After completing the installation, you can delete the temporary directory where the Komodo tarball was unpacked.

Starting Komodo on Linux

To start Komodo on Linux enter `komodo` at the command line or create a shortcut on your desktop or in your toolbar using the full path to the komodo executable.

Uninstalling Komodo on Linux

To uninstall Komodo on Linux:

  1. Delete the directory that Komodo created during installation.
  2. If you wish to delete your Komodo preferences, delete the ~/.komodo directory. If you do not delete this directory, subsequent installations of Komodo will use the same preferences.

Note: You cannot relocate an existing Komodo installation to a new directory by simply moving it. You must uninstall Komodo from the existing location and reinstall it in the new location.